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    When cancer grows old

    As Cancer in Older People Increases, so do the Challenges to Help Them Live Longer, Fuller Lives

    Fourth quarter and full year 2019 results

    Voices from the lab : Nadine Biesemann

    Committed to Hemophilia Research

    5 things you need to know - Risk of heart Disease

    Make Your Pledge4Rare this Rare Disease Day

    Science and Innovation Image

    Crossing Barriers to Deliver New Medicines<br>

    Real-World Evidence Turns Experience into Knowledge

    Next Generation Approaches to Pioneer Breakthrough Therapies

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      Press releases
      2020-02-06MMMM DD YYYY
      Sanofi delivers strong 2019 business EPS growth of 6.8% at CER

    Our Diversity Helps us Better Serve our Patients

    Paul Hudson, CEO, Promotes a Diverse and Inclusive Community

    Proud to be me at Sanofi

    Inclusion & Diversity, Sanofi’s Journey

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